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In today's world, many families welcome housemaids into their lives, but errors in handling them can lead to serious consequences, even impacting marriages. Here are key rules for consideration when bringing a house help into your home:

  1. BE IN CHARGE: Only employ a housemaid you can effectively manage. It's like having two drivers in one car.

  2. NO NEED, NO MAID: Avoid hiring a housemaid if you don't genuinely need one. Sometimes, the issues they bring outweigh the support they provide. Consider alternatives like a crèche for childcare.

  3. TIME TO FIRE: If your housemaid becomes uncontrollable or disobeys you, and your spouse is indifferent or supportive of her actions, be alert. If you lose control, it's time to let her go.

  4. COVER-UP: Ensure your housemaid dresses modestly to maintain a respectful environment.

  5. FULLY KITTED: Don't allow your maid to wander in a towel for extended periods. Maintain decency for everyone in the household.

  6. AVOID MATURE TROUBLE: Don't hire fully grown, developed housemaids to prevent potential issues.

  7. NO ROOM, NO MAID: Provide a separate room for your maid; letting them sleep in the sitting room can lead to problems.

  8. NO BOY, IF GIRLS; NO GIRL, IF BOYS: Match the gender of your house help with your children to avoid potential risks.

  9. NO HARSH TREATMENT: Treat your maid with respect; mistreatment can lead to unintended consequences.

  10. TREAT HER WELL: Extend kindness to your maid, including providing similar amenities and respecting her like family.

  11. CHILDREN RESPECT: Encourage your children to treat the maid with respect, acknowledging her age and role in the household.

  12. KITCHEN OWNER: Retain control over the kitchen; don't allow your maid to cook for your husband.

  13. BE UNPREDICTABLE: Surprise visits keep your maid on her toes and prevent predictability.

  14. WATCH OUT FOR CLUES: Regularly check your maid's belongings to stay informed about her activities.

  15. ASK QUESTIONS: Probe your maid about her background, experiences, and plans to build trust and understanding.

  16. NO IDLE TIME: Keep your maid busy to prevent potential problems during your absence.

  17. DO BACKGROUND CHECKS: Ensure your maid undergoes basic medical tests, including HIV, and check for any communicable diseases.

  18. KNOW THE TIME TO FIRE: Let go of your maid if she becomes uncontrollable, disrespects you or your spouse, exhibits laziness, engages in immoral activities, or displays wicked behavior. Your family's well-being is paramount."


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