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Created 23rd November, 2023

Domestic Staff Types to Avoid

OK people Lets have fun with this!!! - We are gonna go through the different types of maids, and how you can recognize them. After reading we invite you to add your own categories.
Most homes in Nigeria have maids to help with the general housework and sometimes take care of their children. They are there to help, but over time they seem to have caused more problems than they’re worth.

So, Ladies, Wives, Slay Mamas and Mommies of the house get in hia! - See ehn before you go about slaying and being part of the pepperdemgang there are types of maids you should be aware of and TOTALLY avoid. If you must keep a maid, watch out for these Nigerian MAIDS !! -

1. KIDNAPPER MAIDS: - These ones no dey joke, they are all out to steal and destroy. They always have personal wahala (aka Isoro aye) or are part of a gang. How to identify them: Be watchful of their ways, they are smoother than smoothies. -

2. SEDUCTIVE MAIDS: - Fear Dem! you see those eyes and that snake movement; it can do wonders. These set of ones are exceptional liars and are too aware of their body. How to identify them: They start knowing too much of what “Oga” prefers and likes.

3. POISONOUS MAIDS: - Sound likes an insect that kills ba! that’s what they are. Their vengeance level is lit. They have no special reason ooo, they are just bitter people. How to identify them: They just DON’T care and are never remorseful.

4. BRUTAL MAIDS: - These oversabi maids can make you mental if you let them care for your kids. No jokes they are brutal and sick themselves, oh well that is how i perceive them. How to identify them: They ALWAYS get angry when you allow your toddler to be a baby that they are. -

5. DESTRUCTIVE MAIDS: - With these types make sure you save up damages fee aside from their salary. Because as their name implies, they are out there to just frustrate your livelihood by breaking and destroying everything their hand touches. - How to identify them: They never ask questions before doing anything, their i too know level is 10/10 -

6. THIEF THIEF MAIDS: - Awon e leyi wan bad gan (These ones are badder than bad). Their settling in is always faster than fast and furious o. Their coming to your home was already a done deal and they will steal and flee at any chance. - How to identify them: The are always sneaking and sniffing around you -

7. TRAFFICKED MAID: -The worst that can happen to you is to be jailed for ignorance. So brethren no matter how desperate or in need of maid you are. Biko ask questions to know where your maid is coming from. - How to identify them: They are either looking sick or terrified. Always run series of medical test before bringing them to live with you. -

Oya add your own – we are all learning hia


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