Use Cases

Are you sure your staff are who they say they are? At CheckMyPeople we bring transparency to the verification process to safeguard our members and families

Use Cases
The demand for employee and staff verification solutions is on the rise in Nigeria. Households and Businesses place a premium on trust, security, and competence of their domestic staff.

Mitigating Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is a significant concern in Nigeria and globally. By verifying the identities of job applicants, organizations can reduce the risk of hiring individuals who may be using false identities or engaging in identity theft. This helps protect the organization's reputation, assets, and sensitive information.


Ensuring Legitimacy

Identity verification helps ensure that employees are who they claim to be. It confirms the accuracy of personal information provided by applicants, such as names, dates of birth, and addresses. This verification process establishes the legitimacy of individuals and helps prevent cases of impersonation or the use of fake identities.


Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Certain industries in Nigeria, such as financial services and healthcare, have strict regulatory requirements for employee vetting. Identity verification assists organizations in complying with these regulations by establishing the authenticity and background of employees, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria and standards.


Enhancing Security

Identity verification adds an extra layer of security to the hiring process. By validating an applicant's identity, organizations can better protect themselves against risks such as insider threats, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and potential criminal activities within the workplace.


Preventing Credential Fraud

Credential fraud, where applicants provide false or exaggerated information about their qualifications, work experience, or educational background, is a common issue. Identity verification helps validate an applicant's employment history, educational credentials, and other qualifications, reducing the chances of hiring individuals who misrepresent their abilities and qualifications.


Safeguarding Customer Trust

For customer-facing industries, the trust and confidence of customers are vital. By thoroughly vetting employees' identities, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding customer interests, ensuring that employees with verified backgrounds and identities handle sensitive customer information.

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