Online Community

The concept of Online Community Policing is where families come together online to share information about domestic staff that they employ in their homes.

  • No matter how they recruited their staff, each family is responsible for documenting the people that work for them on an online database.

  • When every member of the community document their staff, the community gets to maintain a comprehensive employment history of all domestic employees in our community.

  • This data would be available in a search by prospective employers, who will then have access to the applicant’s past job history, conduct, and performance evaluations.

  • As your current staff move around seeking employment, the records you maintained on them follow them to the next prospective employer in the community.

  • If they have been good to you, they will find work again.

  • If they have been bad to you, they become unemployable?

  • Thus, the incentive is for them to serve without blemish to maintain a good record.

  • The larger the community the better. Whether you are a member of a religious group, professional body, housing estate, small or large business that employ drivers, cooks, store clerk, cashier, washer man, gateman, security guard, lesson teacher, steward, etc. in your business or home, you need to register and add your staff.

  • So, let us all come together to form an online community and share information about domestic staff that work in our homes.


Questions every household should address!
  • Do you wonder what happens to your children while you are at work. How well do you know the minders taking care of them, the drivers taking them to school?

  • Do you wonder about the security guards watching your home, or your surrounding homes? How well do you know them and their intentions?

  • Do you feel safe and assured around the domestic staff that work for you? Do you have enough information on them to hand to the police if they abscond with your property?

  • Do you know anything about the background of your domestic staff? Where they have worked? The work they have done? Their character and health status?

  • Do your staff work diligently and with dedication. What incentives have you put in place to ensure you get the best out of them?

  • Are you treating your domestic helps well? Do you make them feel wanted and loved? Remember that your attitude towards them, determine how they act around your home and your loved ones.

  • How do you engage your domestic staff currently?
    1. Do you still go to the village to get distant relations?
    2. Do you rely on your current domestic staff to find a “friend”, “brother” or “sister”?
    3. Do you rely on Recruitment Agencies?

All these are genuine concerns that need to be addressed.What to do about it you ask?


Here is a call to ACTION!!