About Us

checkmypeople.com was created in response to a “pain point” which most Nigerian families have experienced at one time or the other.

“..dependence on unknown and unverified persons for domestic services leading to severe risks to life and properties”


Our Solution

In present day Nigeria where both parents have to work, the need for domestic help is more critical than ever. Nigerians must refrain from employing domestic staff without conducting due diligence.

When hiring a guard, house help, driver, most of the time you see people just going to get somebody just like that without verifying the identity of that person. This is a common challenge for families. There is no independent way of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of who their domestic staff say they are.


Our solution provides a platform that will allow registered users to confirm that their employees are who they claim to be. We have provided a platform that will enable people maintain performance and behavioural records on their employees.

Membership is entirely free, and with membership, you are able to verify the identity of a job applicant, register your current staff, keep a record of their employment history, including all the assessments and commentaries on their professional and personal attributes, even contact prior employers to reaffirm an employees identity and history.

Our Technology

We have deployed a host of technologies that have been integrated in a seamless fashion to bring you a platform that is secure and reliable. Our Solution is hosted on the cloud, which ensure there is no physical threat of data loss nor of sabotage.

Our site uses SSL certificates (https) to keep your information sent across the Internet encrypted, so that only the intended recipient can understand it. Your usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information are encrypted with an SSL certificate.which protects it from hackers and identity thieves. You will see our Security Trademark (Verified & Secured) on our screens.

Our application may be used on any media from desktops to laptops, tablets and smart phones (Android and IOS). No additional step is required to use on any medium, just pull up the site url www.checkmypeople.com and use.