What are the key steps to get started?

Our platform is a self help medium that enables you to establish deterrence from bad behavior by your current and future staff. Here are the steps we recommend: –

    1. Ask your staff to enrol and get a National Identification Number (NIN). It is free and it takes a few days. No need for the card. We just need the number. With that we can uniquely identify your staff on our database and nationwide.
    2. Verify the authenticity of the NIN by using the CheckMyPeople verification service. That will verify their NIN against the Government database managed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)
    3. Register for free on our site at www.checkmypeople.com/register –
    4. Enrol your staff for free using their NIN, add their picture address, contact numbers, guarantor etc. –

With these steps you have gotten sufficient information on your staff that will enable the police apprehend them, if they commit any criminal infraction. That by itself is a deterrent. –

Our platform provides you the ability to assess each staff character and performance. It also enable you to keep a permanent record of their character assessments, health status, performance assessments (personal and professional) etc. –

This is another deterrent because this constitutes their employment history, which is searchable by future employers. That gives you control over their behaviour because they are aware that a bad record disqualifies them in future from gainful employment. –

We hope to grow the community so that records maintained by members will provide sufficient background information that is searchable by future employers using their NIN. And hopefilly you can obtain records maintained by past employers for new applicants. –

There is no magic wand that automatically spews background information. This is new in Nigeria but soon we will be connected to the National database so that you can fetch an employee’s biometrics from this central database to certify that they are who they claim they are.

We hope these tips help!!

By registering with us, you join a large community where everyone is documenting their staff. Very soon we will have sufficient information on most people that by a simple search you will be able to find out where your staff have worked in the past and their job performance history, including professional, personal, health and character assessments.

Join today and let your staff know that you plan to hold them accountable for their performance using this platform.

Good luck –