Do you recruit domestic staff like most homes? Do you have problems finding good house helps? Well you are not alone!! Most Nigerian homes have on average 2 to 3 domestic helps working for them in one capacity or other. Job responsibilities include; Drivers, Cooks, Maids, Security Men, Gate Keepers, Child Minders, Lesson coaches, etc.


Your family is worth protecting!!!

However, most families have been disappointed with the quality of services provided by the domestic staff they employed, and most have been subjected to theft, job abandonment, poor services, incompetence, and in extreme cases risk to their families.

People are usually employed through an informal process of referrals, where a family will request the services of a person to search and present candidates for screening and employment, often for a significant finders fee, plus expenses.These families rely on the words of these middle men & women and have no way of independently verifying the information provided to them

There have been many cases reported in the Newspapers where domestic helps engage in fraudulent activities and once discovered, disappear into thin air before they can be apprehended, then end up with another unsuspecting family, who have no way of checking their employment history nor past infractions.

They continue their criminal behavior knowing they could continue to have unfettered access to unsuspecting families undetected due to the lax checks in the current environment. Name identifications are ineffective, because they go by various aliases, and assume a name of choice when they apply for employment. Before now, there was no independent way of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of “who they say they are” and the name under which they present themselves. Our Solution