Report Abuse

Let us guard against child abuse while also making sure we do due diligence on domestic helps that come into our homes “Say no to Child Trafficking and Abuse”

Checkmypeople has created a feature that will allow registered members to report any form of abuse, especially of children, that they observe.

According to the Child Welfare League of Nigeria, Nigeria may have the largest number of child domestic workers in the world, since nearly every household has a child domestic servant – at least the households of every government employee. Most of these children end up being physically, emotionally, and if they are girls, sexually abused.

These children who are often treated as child slaves face untold hardship. They cook, clean, iron, take care of kids and go on errands and sometimes are made to do very heavy jobs beyond their age and they fall sick or die. Sexual abuse and personal violence against child domestics marked out this occupation as highly vulnerable.

Some of the employers of the house-helps are so heartless that they don’t even feed these children properly; sending them to school is completely out of the question, they are not given proper medicare, some are infected with all kinds of infections, some children are left to die for ailments the employers can easily buy drugs for and pay as low as N1,000 per month to the madam in charge who helps herself to a substantial amount and sends paltry sums to their parents.


If you have a child looking after your children, you need to STOP IT. Child abuse is a crime punishable by law.

If you have witnessed abuse and wish to report it, please sign in and do so. You may remain annonymous if you choose to. Note that you have to register to be a member to do so.