National ID Backup – old

Identity Verification Service (IVS)

Our IVS is used to verify National Identification Numbers against the NIMC National Database to ensure people are who they say they are.

  • NIN is critical to our use at because it uniquely identifies a person in Nigeria. It is our Nigerian equivalent of a Social Security Number (SSN)

  • To make it easier to make multiple NIN Verifications without having to enter payment information each time, this platform allows you to load your account balance in multiples of N1000. So if for example you need to make 5 searches, you can load your balance with N1000. With each search, the balance is reduced by N200 each until it zeroes out

  • Please note that you have to register to become a member to enjoy this privilege

Click Here to enroll your staff and obtain a National Identification Number, if they do not have one