Reasons why VNIN Verifications fail

We are not responsible for what nimc platform produces.

There are several reasons why a vnin may be invalid.

  1. Using a NIN
  2. Using a VNIN generated after 72 hours
  3. Reusing a VNIN already used in a search
  4. Not assigning the proper Enterprise code
  5. Using an unvalidated NIN

And we do not control any of that.

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How to generate VNIN

How to Generate VNIN

You can either use the NIMC app on your phone to generate your VNIN.

The App process is thus.
1) Download the NIMC App
2) Log in with your NIN and pin
3) Click on the tab that says Get Virtual NIN
4) Select CheckMyPeople from the list of Approved Enterprise
5) From the Virtual NIN Card click on Copy Virtual NIN
6) Come to our page and paste it in the form to search by VNIN

The second option is to use USSD through your phone.

The phone process is thus
1) Dial *346# from your phone
2) Select option 3 to Generate VNIN
3)When prompted enter your 11-digit NIN
4) When prompted enter 649803 as CheckMyPeople Enterprise ID
5) Your VNIN will be sent to you as text
6)Copy the generated number and paste in our form to search by VNIN

Or Simply Dial:*346*3*YOUR NIN*649803#

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What is the cost of VNIN Verification?

VNIN Verification Fees:

  • Guest = N500
  • Member = N400

You have to register first to become a member, then use the “Load Account Balance” to fund your wallet. Each verification draws down your wallet by N1000.

We are still working to arrive at cost of providing this service, and once established the necessary discounts will be applied for members. Bear with us . CheckMyPeople

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What is Identity Verification Service (IVS)?

CheckMyPeople is licensed by the National identity Management Commission (NIMC) to provide Identity Verification Services (IVS) for the Verification of the National Identification Number (NIN) This service is a very crucial step in every employer’s due diligence, because it enables them establish that people are who they say they are to start with.

Insist that every prospective employee has a NIN that can be verified against the NIMC National Database to ensure people are who they say they are.

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What is Online Community Policing?

Online Community Policing is where families come together in an online community to share information about domestic staff that they employ in their homes. The beauty of the concept is that no matter how you recruit your staff, each family is responsible for documenting the people that work for them currently.

The value proposition is that when every member of the community document their staff, the community gets to maintain a comprehensive employment history of all domestic employees. We expect that domestic employees will move around seeking employment in different cities, but with Online Community Policing, as current staff move around seeking employment, the record maintained on them by previous employers follow them to the next prospective employer. If they have been good on their past jobs, they will have a good record and will find work again, but if they have been bad, their poor record will show up in a search, and make them unemployable? This incentivizes each domestic employee to serve without blemish to maintain a good record.

Note that this is different from the Government proposed Community Policing because this is purely meant for information gathering and reporting. Online Community Policing has nothing to do with enforcement, but vigilance and Information gathering. It is an online community that shares information about those we employ as domestic staff in our homes, so that potential employers in the community can avoid those with criminal backgrounds.

The larger the community the better. Whether you are a member of a religious group, professional body, housing estate, small or large business that employ drivers, cooks, store clerk, cashier, washer man, gateman, security guard, lesson teacher, steward, etc. in your business or home, you need to register and add your staff.

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How do we prevent employer abuse?

CheckMyPeople has now provided a feature that will allow any concerned citizen who sees a domestic staff, especially children in harm’s way to report such abuse on our platform. @ https://checkmypeople.com/report_abuse

They will be required to provide preliminary proof like a picture of the distressed individual, preferably with evidence of abuse. They will provide also the name and address of the distressed individual. This is assuming they live in the same house with their madam or oga. –

This information will be passed on to Civil Liberties
Organizations registered with us to investigate. Such cases will be investigated and where found necessary, the police will be invited, and erring madam or oga prosecuted. –

To avoid abuse of the reporting system, a name and phone number of the person providing the info will be required on the form, so the CLO can make some preliminary inquiries and ascertain the validity of the case. –

As a deterrent for members maltreating their wards, any member of the community that is found liable and prosecuted will be kicked off the system. All their past assessments will be purged from the system and they will be banned from the Online Community.

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How is your solution more effective than others?

There are pockets of solutions, but these are heavily flawed because they have not utilized a Unique Identifier that the National Identity Number provides. Additionally, these are shops that manage the data, and are limited by the number of customers they have and their geographic spread in Nigeria. Most are focused in Lagos and Abuja, which is clearly inadequate. –

There is the police database, which has been rolled out in theory, but highly underutilized, either because people choose not to deal with the police, or only go to the police when a serious crime has been committed. –

People have also resorted to installing Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs), but CCTVs detect crime, and do not prevent it.

Our solution aims to deter people from committing the crime in the first place and prevent innocent families from becoming victims of unscrupulous and criminal element masquerading as domestic helps. –

Our solution involves everyone in the data collection, as well as encouraging communication through the effective use of technology and social media to create an online community. By keeping record of interactions with current domestic staff, and sharing that information with prospective employers from the community, the good workers will be attractive hires, while the workers with bad records will not be hired. –

This concept of Community Policing has the advantage of making employee assessments readily available as soon as they occur with minimal lag time. –

This is a comparative advantage over the competition, because instead of one single point of data collection based on secondary data, this is firsthand information reported by the member directly impacted. With so many touch points for data collection, data capture is more comprehensive, accurate and in real time mode

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How is Online Community Policing different?

This is different from the Government proposed Community Police because this is purely meant for information gathering and reporting. –

This is not an enforcement community. It is an online community that will share information about those they employ in their homes, so that potential employers in the community will avoid those with criminal backgrounds. –

So Online Community Policing is not to do with enforcement, but vigilance and Information gathering.

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How can people get engaged?

There are many ways people can engage with us. The primary way is through our Web App on www.checkmypeople.com. –

The first step is to register for free. By doing so you are given access to register your staff on the platform. However, each of your employees must have a National Identification Number (NIN), with which they will be uniquely identified in the country and on our platform.

NINs can be obtained by enrolling at the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC). You do not need a physical ID card to enroll your staff. NIMC assigns NINs within a few days of Biometric data capture, so with that you can register your staff. –

This is the first step of verification, because the first step of employee registration is to enter their NIN on the platform. The app which is integrated with the NIMC database, will fetch the Biometric data of the NIN owner and display on our screen with the person’s picture. You may then verify that the person presenting the NIN matches the official record kept on the NIMC database.

You may then enter the current address and guarantor. You may choose to upload the latest picture of the employee, if the photograph on the NIMC database is old. In fact we advise you always keep an up to date picture of your staff.

Once you have the profile set up to your satisfaction, you get the consent of your employee, by downloading the consent form from our members page. Have them sign and upload the signed copy.

Now you are ready to maintain a recurring performance and character assessment of your staff every three months. The reason why this is very important, is that this constitutes their Employment History, which will show up in future background checks. –

Your employees will be incentivized to be of good behavior because they know a bad employment record will limit their chances of future employment. In fact a criminal record will completely render them unemployable in the future.

Additionally, we strongly advise that people are fair and comprehensive in their assessments. Do not be that vindictive! BOSS!!

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How does your solution protect my family

First, each employee or applicant, is required to provide you the employer, their National Identification Number (NIN). Our platform prompts you to enter that NIN, then authenticates that NIN through our integrated network by fetching the Picture, Name, Address and other biometric data from the NIMC National database. Once displayed you are able to ascertain that the employee or applicant is who they claim to be. That is the first verification step. –

Secondly, we give you the employer an opportunity to register your staff on our database and provide assessments of their performances (good or bad), during the tenure of their employment with you.

Once your staff know that a record of bad behavior will be available to potential employers, it will serve as an effective deterrent from bad behavior. It gives you leverage over the conduct and service provided by your domestic staff, knowing that a bad record prevents them from being employed in the future. On the other hand, an exemplary record makes an employee a great candidate for future employment.

Membership affords each employer the ability to search our database to view records of an employee or applicant’s prior employment history. The search capability enables you to search only individuals seeking employment with you (Applicant) or current staff.

Data available in a search will include past jobs held, past assessments from past employers as well as assessment of the persons past conduct.

Where a record of criminal infraction is found, our database will include documentation of either a police report or a court ruling.

Checkmypeople.com as an organization, does not make recommendations. Employers are free to make their decisions based on information available from your peers who have had prior interactions with the employee/applicant.

Through this search capability, a potential employer will be afforded enough background information that they are able to make more informed decision by assessing their risks based on prior history, whether to hire or walk away.

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What is National Identity Number (NIN)

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of numbers assigned to an individual upon successful capture of their bio-metrics through enrollment.

Enrollment consists of recording a person’s demographic data, capture of the ten (10) fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture and digital signature, which are all used to uniquely identify all residents in Nigeria, Citizens and legal residents.

The Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is charged with this responsibility, and they maintain a centralized database that ensures that there are no duplicate entries.

There is an online pre-enrollment portal which one can access from our platform to expedite the data collection process. With a printout one can then proceed to the nearest NIMC enrollment center for biometrics capture, and subsequent issuance of the NIN.

Possession of the NIN is enough to register on our platform. You do not require the physical identification card to do that.

Please follow us @checkmypeople on Instagram for more insights, stories and videos.

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How does your solution work?

Our solution provides a platform that will allow registered users in Nigeria to document their domestic staff as well as record their professional and personal interactions with them. This data would be available in a search by prospective employers, who will then have access to the applicant’s past job history, conduct, health and performance evaluations.

We trust that when job history and records follow staff where ever they seek employment, they will be incentivized to provide good service and demonstrate good behavior. A good record will enable them to be hired while a bad record will prevent them from gaining employment with another family.

The National Identity Number (NIN) is critical to our use at checkmypeople.com for the following reasons:

  • It is our Nigerian equivalent of a Social Security Number (SSN). The NIN uniquely identifies a person in Nigeria. It is associated with stringent biometric data collection by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and can be verified against the NIMC database to ensure authenticity before it is used on our platform.
  • It discourages child labor, and CheckMyPeople does not support the use of child labor as domestic staff.
  • Insisting on the use of NIN in our system, ensures that only age eligible candidates are registered on our system (18+). Please follow us @checkmypeople on Instagram

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Why did you setup CheckMyPeople

One of the greatest risks households in Nigeria face today is the dependence on unknown and unverified persons for domestic services leading to severe risks to life and properties.

Nigerian households employ domestic helps in droves to help with many tasks and can afford to have on average two to three domestic helps working for them in one capacity or other. Job responsibilities include; Drivers, Cooks, Maids, Security Men, Gate Keepers, Child Minders, Lesson coaches, etc. Unfortunately, most families have been disappointed with the quality of services provided by the domestic staff they employed, and most have been subjected to theft, job abandonment, poor services, incompetence, and in extreme cases risk to their families, like poisoning, kidnapping and even murder.

There have been many cases reported in the Newspapers where domestic helps engage in fraudulent activities and once discovered, disappear into thin air before they can be apprehended, then end up with another unsuspecting family, who have no way of checking their employment history nor past infractions. They continue their criminal behavior knowing they could continue to have unfettered access to unsuspecting families undetected due to the lax checks in the current environment.

Name identifications are ineffective, because they go by various aliases, and assume a name of choice when they apply for employment.

Currently there is no independent way of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of “who they say they are” and the name under which they present themselves. In a nutshell checkmypeople.com was created in response to this “pain point” which most families have experienced at one time or the other, and that is “..dependence on unknown and unverified persons for domestic services leading to severe risks to life and properties”

We explored ways to leverage technology to address this very dire social problem. But first, we had to get to the root of the problem. Two main issues come to mind!

First; the way we recruit people is by word of mouth, and not based on any data or records.

Secondly, we as employers do not communicate with each other. This “wall of silence” is the reason why these criminal elements can move from home to home, committing crimes, because there are no records of these crimes available to prospective employers.

As a result, someone is able to commit a crime in one home, gets fired, and quickly gets a job in another home. With no knowledge of their past, the unsuspecting family bring them in and they are able to commit and even more serious crime.

So with the records maintained by current and past employers, communication is established with prospective employers, who are able to see the employment history of each applicant, in order to assess the risk associated with each, and if there is any criminal record in their history

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What are the key steps to registration?

First you have to get to the Registration page by clicking on any of the links or icons.

  1. Fill in the your First and last name, then email and password. For security reasons, you are required to enter the code shown on the screen. If code is not clear, click on it to refresh and show a new code until you can see it. Accept the terms and Conditions and submit.
  2. You will receive an email requesting that you validate your registration. Once you click on the link provided, it will validate and direct you to complete your full profile.
  3. Once completed, you can go to the member page and sign in to enjoy all the benefits of membership

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How much is a search?

While membership is free, there is a fee of N1000 to search our database to gain access to the history on each employee.

We go into great lengths to maintain confidentiality of the posters information. Registered members are able to register and maintain records on their employees while in their employ. This information can be obtained by you, a potential employer in a search.

Please note that the search capability is on hold at the moment. Checkmypeople is in the process of building the database using data from members like you. We will activate the search capability as soon as we believe we have enough data that will increase the probability of “finds”

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Who can be a member?

Any person or family that employ(s) one or more domestic helps in the house.

That comprises driver, cook, steward, gate-man, gardener, lesson teacher, nanny, security person, personal assistant, shop attendant, agent etc.

Any business may also register as a member as long as they employ staff that provide services like Drivers, Cooks, Cashiers, Security Guards, Bricklayers etc

Employees may not register and assess themselves.

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What are the benefits of membership?

With free membership, you are able to do the following:

  • Verify Applicant Identity
  • Register Staff
  • Maintain Staff Record
  • Contact Past Employer
  • Search Staff Employment History
  • Conduct Applicant Background Check

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How do i register

Registration is completely free.

Click on the Register link either on the menu, under the Header Graphic on the Main Menu, or the Free Membership graphic on the left navigation. There are many places on the site where you are prompted to Join or become a member. Use any of the links to go to the Registration Page.

You only require First Name and Last Name, an Email Address and Password. You will be required to verify your email through a link sent to the registered email.

That’s all you need to become a member!!

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