What is Online Community Policing?

Online Community Policing is where families come together in an online community to share information about domestic staff that they employ in their homes. The beauty of the concept is that no matter how you recruit your staff, each family is responsible for documenting the people that work for them currently.

The value proposition is that when every member of the community document their staff, the community gets to maintain a comprehensive employment history of all domestic employees. We expect that domestic employees will move around seeking employment in different cities, but with Online Community Policing, as current staff move around seeking employment, the record maintained on them by previous employers follow them to the next prospective employer. If they have been good on their past jobs, they will have a good record and will find work again, but if they have been bad, their poor record will show up in a search, and make them unemployable? This incentivizes each domestic employee to serve without blemish to maintain a good record.

Note that this is different from the Government proposed Community Policing because this is purely meant for information gathering and reporting. Online Community Policing has nothing to do with enforcement, but vigilance and Information gathering. It is an online community that shares information about those we employ as domestic staff in our homes, so that potential employers in the community can avoid those with criminal backgrounds.

The larger the community the better. Whether you are a member of a religious group, professional body, housing estate, small or large business that employ drivers, cooks, store clerk, cashier, washer man, gateman, security guard, lesson teacher, steward, etc. in your business or home, you need to register and add your staff.