How is your solution more effective than others?

There are pockets of solutions, but these are heavily flawed because they have not utilized a Unique Identifier that the National Identity Number provides. Additionally, these are shops that manage the data, and are limited by the number of customers they have and their geographic spread in Nigeria. Most are focused in Lagos and Abuja, which is clearly inadequate. –

There is the police database, which has been rolled out in theory, but highly underutilized, either because people choose not to deal with the police, or only go to the police when a serious crime has been committed. –

People have also resorted to installing Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs), but CCTVs detect crime, and do not prevent it.

Our solution aims to deter people from committing the crime in the first place and prevent innocent families from becoming victims of unscrupulous and criminal element masquerading as domestic helps. –

Our solution involves everyone in the data collection, as well as encouraging communication through the effective use of technology and social media to create an online community. By keeping record of interactions with current domestic staff, and sharing that information with prospective employers from the community, the good workers will be attractive hires, while the workers with bad records will not be hired. –

This concept of Community Policing has the advantage of making employee assessments readily available as soon as they occur with minimal lag time. –

This is a comparative advantage over the competition, because instead of one single point of data collection based on secondary data, this is firsthand information reported by the member directly impacted. With so many touch points for data collection, data capture is more comprehensive, accurate and in real time mode