How does your solution protect my family

First, each employee or applicant, is required to provide you the employer, their National Identification Number (NIN). Our platform prompts you to enter that NIN, then authenticates that NIN through our integrated network by fetching the Picture, Name, Address and other biometric data from the NIMC National database. Once displayed you are able to ascertain that the employee or applicant is who they claim to be. That is the first verification step. –

Secondly, we give you the employer an opportunity to register your staff on our database and provide assessments of their performances (good or bad), during the tenure of their employment with you.

Once your staff know that a record of bad behavior will be available to potential employers, it will serve as an effective deterrent from bad behavior. It gives you leverage over the conduct and service provided by your domestic staff, knowing that a bad record prevents them from being employed in the future. On the other hand, an exemplary record makes an employee a great candidate for future employment.

Membership affords each employer the ability to search our database to view records of an employee or applicant’s prior employment history. The search capability enables you to search only individuals seeking employment with you (Applicant) or current staff.

Data available in a search will include past jobs held, past assessments from past employers as well as assessment of the persons past conduct.

Where a record of criminal infraction is found, our database will include documentation of either a police report or a court ruling. as an organization, does not make recommendations. Employers are free to make their decisions based on information available from your peers who have had prior interactions with the employee/applicant.

Through this search capability, a potential employer will be afforded enough background information that they are able to make more informed decision by assessing their risks based on prior history, whether to hire or walk away.