How do we prevent employer abuse?

CheckMyPeople has now provided a feature that will allow any concerned citizen who sees a domestic staff, especially children in harm’s way to report such abuse on our platform. @

They will be required to provide preliminary proof like a picture of the distressed individual, preferably with evidence of abuse. They will provide also the name and address of the distressed individual. This is assuming they live in the same house with their madam or oga. –

This information will be passed on to Civil Liberties
Organizations registered with us to investigate. Such cases will be investigated and where found necessary, the police will be invited, and erring madam or oga prosecuted. –

To avoid abuse of the reporting system, a name and phone number of the person providing the info will be required on the form, so the CLO can make some preliminary inquiries and ascertain the validity of the case. –

As a deterrent for members maltreating their wards, any member of the community that is found liable and prosecuted will be kicked off the system. All their past assessments will be purged from the system and they will be banned from the Online Community.