How can people get engaged?

There are many ways people can engage with us. The primary way is through our Web App on –

The first step is to register for free. By doing so you are given access to register your staff on the platform. However, each of your employees must have a National Identification Number (NIN), with which they will be uniquely identified in the country and on our platform.

NINs can be obtained by enrolling at the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC). You do not need a physical ID card to enroll your staff. NIMC assigns NINs within a few days of Biometric data capture, so with that you can register your staff. –

This is the first step of verification, because the first step of employee registration is to enter their NIN on the platform. The app which is integrated with the NIMC database, will fetch the Biometric data of the NIN owner and display on our screen with the person’s picture. You may then verify that the person presenting the NIN matches the official record kept on the NIMC database.

You may then enter the current address and guarantor. You may choose to upload the latest picture of the employee, if the photograph on the NIMC database is old. In fact we advise you always keep an up to date picture of your staff.

Once you have the profile set up to your satisfaction, you get the consent of your employee, by downloading the consent form from our members page. Have them sign and upload the signed copy.

Now you are ready to maintain a recurring performance and character assessment of your staff every three months. The reason why this is very important, is that this constitutes their Employment History, which will show up in future background checks. –

Your employees will be incentivized to be of good behavior because they know a bad employment record will limit their chances of future employment. In fact a criminal record will completely render them unemployable in the future.

Additionally, we strongly advise that people are fair and comprehensive in their assessments. Do not be that vindictive! BOSS!!