Vital “To Dos” when engaging your domestic staff in Nigeria

    1. Do your due diligence.

    2. Make sure each employee has an account and pay salaries through the account. The upside of having an account is that it requires them to have a BVN. To obtain a BVN requires them to provide all kinds of biometric data including finger prints.

    3. We use the Nigerian Identification Number (NIN) to uniquely identify employees on our platform. NIN is critical to our use at for the following reasons:

      • It uniquely identifies a person in Nigeria. It is our Nigerian equivalent of a Social Security Number (SSN)

      • It discourages child labor. does not support the use of child labor as domestic helps.

      • Insisting on the use of NIN in our system, ensures that only age eligible candidates are registered on our system (18).

      • NIN can be verified at the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMS) website to ensure authenticity.

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