CheckMyPeople Billboard In Lagos

Who are CheckMyPeople? was created in response to a “pain point” which most Nigerian families have experienced at one time or the other and that is dependence on unknown and unverified persons for domestic services leading to severe risks to life and properties,

  • Checkmypeople through its online platform provides a solution that will allow registered users to confirm that their employees are who they claim to be.

  • Checkmypeople further provides a platform that will enable people maintain performance and behavioral records on their employees to encourage optimal performance and reward.

  • Duly licensed with the NIMC, we further deploy a host of technologies that integrate in a seamless fashion to provide information that is reliable and accurate.

How can people get engaged with CheckMyPeople platform?

The first step is to register for FREE. By doing so you are given access to register your staff on the platform. However, each employee must have a National Identification Number (NIN), with which they will be uniquely identified in the country and on our platform.  The Platform, which is integrated with the NIMC database, will fetch the Biometric data (KYC) of the NIN owner and display on our screen with the person’s picture. You may then verify that the person presenting the NIN matches the official record kept on the NIMC database.

You may now enter the other details of your staff i.e., current address and guarantor and upload the latest picture of the employee etc. Once you have the profile set up to your satisfaction, you then begin to document your assessments of that employee using the different forms and features available to members. The record maintained by you become the employee’s employment history. This history is searchable by future employers, and employees will strive to maintain a good employment history to find work in future.

How do members benefit from the CheckMyPeople platform?

  • First, by enabling you to verify an employee NIN on the NIMC database, you have performed one important step of ascertaining that the person is who they say they are, based on their biometrics on record.

  • Second, by enabling an employer to document performance and character assessments of the employee, you can capture record of bad behavior. An employee knows such bad record will be available to potential employers in future and will serve as an effective deterrent from bad behavior.  It gives each compliant employer some control over the conduct and service provided by their domestic staff, since they know that a bad record prevents them from being employed in the future.

  • Thirdly, our search feature allows a potential employer to assess the risk of engaging a domestic staff based on their past working history.  Our site may be used as a resource when interviewing future employees, as prospective employers may search our database for additional background information. Search results will include past jobs held, past employers and conduct evaluations.

  • Finally, our system provides the ability to keep a record of recruitment agents who secure these domestic helps. A lot of fraud has been perpetuated by these agents, and some have been infiltrated by criminal elements who prey on unsuspecting families. Our system gives each member the ability to document their experiences with agents, including giving them a ranking based on their performance and record of service, so that potential clients may be wary of using the bad ones.