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How to Generate VNIN
You can either use the NIMC app on your phone to generate your VNIN.
The App process is thus. 1) Download the NIMC App
2) Log in with your NIN and pin
3) Click on the tab that says Get Virtual NIN
4) Select CheckMyPeople from the list of Approved Enterprise
5) From the Virtual NIN Card click on Copy Virtual NIN
6) Come to our page and paste it in the form to search by VNIN

Or Simply copy this link
and paste on your smart phone to generate VNIN from the NIMC App.

The second option is to use USSD through your phone..
The USSD process is thus. 1) Dial *346# from your phone
2) Select option 3 to Generate VNIN
3)When prompted enter your 11-digit NIN
4) When prompted enter 649803 as CheckMyPeople Enterprise ID
5) Your VNIN will be sent to you as text
6)Copy the generated number and paste in our form to search by VNIN

Or Simply Dial:*346*3*YOUR NIN*649803#

Reasons why VNIN Verifications fail.
There are several reasons why a vnin may be invalid. 1)Using a NIN
2)Using a VNIN generated after 72 hours
3)Reusing a VNIN already used in a search
4)Not assigning the proper Enterprise code
5)Using an unvalidated NIN

And we do not control any of that.