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Instructions for running Search by Telephone
For non members; send this message. Here are the steps
1. Become a member.
2. Load your account balance.
3. Provide a telephone and the name on the NIN.
4. If found we notify you and request you to fund your account (if balance < N1000).
5. Then we send you the pdf report and debit your account N1000.
Search by Telephone Use this link to run the search
Check Member Balance Use this link to check member Account Balance
Steps required to run search
  1. Ask if a member?
  2. If yes, ask for email.
  3. If no, send registration link.
  4. If requested send Load Account Balance link
  5. Use email to check account balance
  6. if amount =>1000, ask for telephone number.
  7. If amount is < N1000, ask member to load account balance.
Running the Search
  1. Request the Telephone Number they want to search.
  2. Run the search using this link .
  3. If no record found, send message to member “No Record Found”
  4. Do not charge the member account.
  5. If record found, send name (First, Middle and Last) to customer.
  6. Ask if they want the record sent?
  7. If yes, save the result to a pdf and label as Search Result – {Customer Name}
  8. Charge the customer account by clicking on Update, deduct N1000 from Balance, and click update.
  9. Go to email and send email to customer with the pdf as attachment.
  10. Body of email should say “Please find attached. Account has been debited
  11. Subject of email should say “Search by Telephone
  12. Once sent. Communicate that to the customer